Caught by Darren - one of our new C5 Mirror Carp - weight 20lbs 10ozs - so they have put on about 3lbs in weight since they arrived. Caught using Krill Boilies and Sticky Bait pellets
Paul’s big fish!! an 18lb 2oz Common Carp
4lbs 12 oz Perch – record weight out of the lake
Catch of The Day, Tom just caught this fish weighing 24lbs
15lb Carp caught at Mill Pond Campsite, Hereford, July 21, 2021
Catch of the day, Tuesday 8th June 2021 - 15lb Common Carp caught by Camron
Nice twelve-pound carp on Sunday 2nd May, taken on luncheon meat. Always an enjoyable visit to this beautiful site.