Millpond Fishing Rules

Dawn ‘til Dusk Fishing ~ NO NIGHT FISHING

EA Fishing Licence is required to fish the lake

Please Use: 

  • Landing Nets – please use Net Dip
  • Unhooking Mats – please use Net Dip
  • Barbless hooks only – size 10 max.
  • 12 lb line max.
  • Plastic boxes for bait
  • Free running rigs

Do Not Use:

  • Braided mainline or lead core leaders
  • Boilies
  • Nuts and non-prepared particles
  • Artificial bait
  • Tinned/wet cat and dog food
  • Radios or barbeques

Please note there is no dog walking allowed around the lake, but we do allow you to fish with your dog on a short lead along the railway side of the lake to the overflow.

There is access for guests using wheelchairs and pegs may be reserved for those who have difficulty with mobility.